Al DiMeola
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass.
October 31st, 2015 (Halloween)

Taper: Favre4
Lineage: Lineage: SP-CMC-8c > SP-SPSB-11 > Sony PCM-M10 >
SanDisk 16GB Micro Memory Card > WAV 48kHz / 24-bit
Location: Row 6, far left

Al Di Meola � guitar
Philippe Saisse � keyboards, marimba
Gumbi Ortiz � percussion
Elias Tona � bass
Luis Alicea � drums
Evan Garr � violin

Set One
01 Intro
02 One Night Last June
03 Flight Over Rio
04 Senior Mouse
05 Band Introductions
06 Dark Eye Tango
07 Dinner Music of the Gods
08 Chiqulin De Bachin

Set Two
09 Acoustic 1
10 Blackbird
11 Acoustic - Violin Duet 1
12 Acoustic - Violin Duet 2
13 Black Dog Intro
14 Black Dog
15 Midnight Tango
16 Babylon
17 Tangier
18 Al's Little Story
19 Song to the Pharaoh Kings
20 Egyptian Danza
21 Race With the Devil on Spanish Highway
22 Final Comments

01. Re-balance frequencies / EQ
02. Repair / remove many high amplitude claps during music
03. Adjust volume of some segments
04. Correct extraneous peaks
05. Repair clicks and pops
06. Reduce whistles and yells
07. Adjust dynamics
08. Downsample to 44.1khz / 16-bit


Band introduction includes the story of how Evan Garr joined the band.
Blackbird is from the Paul McCartney collection.
After Egyptian Danza the auditorium lights went on and people started to leave.
No encore was expected. Then, the band returned and played the final song
catching everyone by surprise.
Al's Little Story tells of his start in the professional music world. He speaks of his
first performance which was with Chick Corea at Carnegie Hall in June of 1974.
A recording of that performance exists and an RMCH remaster of the show will
be produced soon.