An Acoustic Guitar Blowout Evening with:
Al DiMeola
John McLaughlin
Paco DeLucia
and Steve Morse (opener)
Boston Opera House
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
September 30, 1983
performance quality: A (at least! awesome playing!)
recording quality B+ (as in beautiful aud)
source: 1st generation audience tape
lineage: Naka. CM- 100 mikes > Sony D-5 cassette deck
master cassettes > my cassettes (both Maxell XLII-S 90 min.) >
soundforge 4.5 > CD > CD extractor >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
disc 1: 69:35
disc 2: 66:57
lineage: Naka. CM-100 microphones >
Sony D-5 deck (dolby off) >
master cassettes > my cassettes > (both Maxell XLII-S)
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrent.
comments: 3rd row center recording, a great concert for 150 minutes,
this sounds like and is, a Stud Muffin Production, and even for the
Doctor, this is about as good as it gets. Steve Morse plays a nice,
short solo opening set of about 22 minutes. The rest is Al/John/Paco
sounding as great as ever, and even from 3rd row the crowd is loud
(mostly between the songs) because it was a hot night. I didn't see
this 83 show, saw the last one there in 81 and that was excellent, so
how do they follow that up? Maybe even better this time. The 2 finest
Acoustic DiMeola shows I've ever heard are the 2 at Boston Opera House.
Al, John and Paco delivered a very strong show both times to rousing
ovations. if you have even the slightest interest in any of these four
very skilled players, both this and the 81 are required listening for
you. the recording, the music, and the performance are all magical. I
couldn't say what the best acoustic McLaughlin show I ever heard is
(there are many good candidates) but these 2 are both well up there.
Both these shows have an intermission, with the second disc beginning
at the return from intermission. Morse also joins the trio at the end
for a song in this show. The 81 should already be up, if not seeded I
can reseed if needed (It was awhile ago). the cassette to cassette copy
I got of this was made to a Naka, from either a Sony D-5 or another Naka.
There is just 1 flip cut in the second disc missing a few seconds of the
beginning of one track (barely even noticable). Not much for a setlist
on this, it includes Spain, Meditterrean Sundance, Orient Blue, Scenario,
Chaquito (a Paco tune) and a whole lot more.

and since I don't know the setlist for this show, maybe it goes something like
this one from NY which was a recent upload from davmar77 from NY about a week
after this show? I can't be sure, the sets do vary a little bit in these shows.

DISC 1: Steve Morse's Set
1-Northern Lights
2-Picture This
3-The Country Tune
4-The Riff Raff
5-Acoustic Jam For One Acoustic Guitar
6-The Introduction

McLauglin, Delucia & Dimeola's Set:
9-Frevo Rasgado
10-Passion, Grace & Fire > Mediterranean Sundance

2-guardian angel
3-Orient blues
4-fantasia suite
6-E: splendito Sundance (w/ Morse)
7-tres hermanos (w/ Morse)


do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.