Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia
Universal Amphitheater
Hollywood, CA

Source: Unknown Aud (FOB?) > DATs via David McGee and Chief
Transfer: Panasonic SV-3900 > Tascam SS-CDR200 @ 16/48
Mater: Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels, fades) > FLAC 1648

Thanks to Chief and David McGee for the DATs and Charlie Miller for the transfer.

01. //unknown (solo)
02. unknown (solo)
03. unknown (solo)
04. Mi Nino Curro
05. Manha a Carnival
06. Frevo Rasgado
07. Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho//
08. Beyond The Mirage
09. David
10. Zyriab
11. unknown//

Although this is mostly a fine recording, and sounds like a nice FOB, it has some level issues, especially towards the beginning where the solo guitar work is too quiet and the applause is deafening. And, you know how classical guitarists punctuate the melody with a loud STRUM! every now and again? Those are also really loud. Levels have been adjusted. Still, the original was brickwalled from time to time. It does even out after the first few tracks.

This DAT also had a number of discontinuities between songs. It sounds like someone made a copy onto a shorter tape and tried to cram in as much as possible. Other than the last track, it's pretty clean. Based on setlists from this time, the beginning of the show and probably a few songs at the end are. Still, that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


--mhg :: 2021-02-24