Al Green 06/21/87 - Chicago Blues Festival
1. L-O-V-E
2. Sing The Holy Name Of Jesus
3. He's Coming Back
4. Amazing Grace
5. Jesus Will Fix It For You
6. Holy Jesus (?)
7. Let's Stay Together
8. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
9. The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
10. Love and Happiness
11. //That Old Cross (?)
12. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
13. Tired Of Being Alone

There is a cut between cuts 10 and 11.
A SB recording

CDR > Wav (with Cdex) > Flac (level 5)

While Frank did not get this from Dime, it seems it has enjoyed quite a long run on DIME. It was uploaded by hellorobert, who said he got it from STG, back on September 30, 2006 and stayed on the tracker for a nice long run of 218 days, being snatched 272 times. Below are the comments that were included with hellorobert's posting:

Al was still actually able to hit some of the high notes back in 1987. He also
sang most of his own songs. If you have seen or heard an Al Green performance
from the last ten years or so, you may have noticed that he tends to let the
audience sing half the songs for him and he usually can't hit those high notes
anymore. He does a little of that in this performance, but not nearly as much.
Nice mix of soul hits and gospel songs.