Al Green Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Manchester, TN What Stage 2009-06-12 (Fri) 01. Crowd 02. Intro Music > 03. L-O-V-E (Love) 04. Let's Get Married 05. Lay It Down 06. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 07. Amazing Grace 08. Let's Stay Together 09. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart 10. Here I Am (Come And Take Me) 11. I Can't Help Myself (Temptations) > 12. My Girl (Temptations) 13. Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) 14. Dock of Bay (Ray Charles) 15. You Are Everything (Marvin Gaye) 16. Tired Of Being Alone 17. Still In Love You 18. Love And Happiness Total Time: 65:29 Notes: Al just came to make it do what it do, that's all. Thanks to Melissa for all the help. Source: Schoeps MK21(nos) > kcy > Schoeps VMS5U + Schoeps MK4(ortf) > kcy > Schoeps VMS02IB > Lifted Chris Hall interconnects > Busman Mod R4 Pro Location: FOB @ 11' Lineage: Edirol R4 Pro @ 24/48 > HD > Wavelab 5 > CDWave > TLH Tape and Transfer: Jeff Hatcher ( ea3cc52621957f71a4a8b2b68a87b7a3 *agreen2009-06-12_t01.flac 74dbb04ed58217f751780b25d1917c98 *agreen2009-06-12_t02.flac ae3703de29acb1929013734e2b5f28ab *agreen2009-06-12_t03.flac b307e3bd0245a530cb4bf0a4544d544a *agreen2009-06-12_t04.flac b28f9af6fc88f23e5e55bce034b40821 *agreen2009-06-12_t05.flac c29d35d79d8d469e2f38472bf9d886d8 *agreen2009-06-12_t06.flac 115b4fda5d1b5c1a7f11c11aa6d7dc13 *agreen2009-06-12_t07.flac bca5a75a5854190830d3583919aea00d *agreen2009-06-12_t08.flac 9f23d6b761e408df835c47ba3a3fb5e3 *agreen2009-06-12_t09.flac 59d61a2abdd1d1bce436a61bbccb348c *agreen2009-06-12_t10.flac 204669e97b9ddae387115a4d31d80bda *agreen2009-06-12_t11.flac 45e58563e56c3f8a06107e9a915b720b *agreen2009-06-12_t12.flac 5805952e529d34393e2c54e3b614a125 *agreen2009-06-12_t13.flac e1d3e5a66f8df8d567510540aec2cc3c *agreen2009-06-12_t14.flac 405f99638bd5c1fe5398723854a3c285 *agreen2009-06-12_t15.flac f52a1b10378140f0e84db4c78add3c9d *agreen2009-06-12_t16.flac 6f7b9da6d3d19d1be1c344eea5ca3249 *agreen2009-06-12_t17.flac b44cd70c61b288d5037b6c25e765d617 *agreen2009-06-12_t18.flac