Al Stewart - Meag-rare restored vinyl "Tour Of The Cat" Seattle, WA June 1977 SBD - Speed corrected and rejoined (read notes!) mp3 sample included

I have wanted to give this outstanding show a special treatment for a very long time. Having just relocated the album, I found out that the speed problems vary from track to track. Each track, while constant is off a differing amount from the track before and the track after it. Due to the progressive decline in my hearing abilities, I have tried my very best to nail this down. I think I'm just about there. I can tell you that "something" might not be as 100% perfect as it should be, or as it might have been in the past... but I couldn't tell you what it might be. It's pretty damn close the way you have it now. And it makes for a much-improved listening experience. Please, if you think you CAN make the pitch better, please do so. At least I've tried.

What a great show this is! Mr. Stewart was touring "Year Of The Cat", and is in top form. The tracks on this LP are probably out of concert sequence:

On The Border
Broadway Hotel
Roads To Moscow
Oh, Carol
Year Of The Cat
If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It


LP ->Sound Forge at approximate speed ->comparison of each individual track with Amazon samples using "Virtual Keyboard" ->individual speed correction ->FLAC via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked


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