Al Stewart: The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 107

After seeing Al Stewart numerous times on the previous tour,
I have to wonder why I only saw the "Time Passages" tour once.
Perhaps Al made fewer appearances in the NY area in 1978. Perhaps
it was a difference in my attitude - the insanity of 1977 was over,
and I now attended concerts at a less frantic pace. I just can't
recall the exact reason. The memory is "in there" but it's "just
out of sight." Time Passages indeed.

November 10, 1978
New York, NY

Recording Equipment: Internal Mic>Sanyo M2533 Tape Deck>(2)Maxell UDXLII C90>
Alesis TapeLinkUSB>Audacity>WAV

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Artwork: ethiessen1

01 Cheers (0:28)
02 On The Border (4:00)
03 Soho (Needless To Say) (4:17)
04 Midas Shadow (4:54)
05 Broadway Hotel (5:04)
06 If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It (4:24)
07 Time Passages (7:22)
08 One Stage Before (6:15)
09 Life In Dark Water (6:16)
10 Roads To Moscow (9:49)
11 Sirens Of Titan (3:08)
12 The Palace Of Versailles (6:14)
13 Valentina Way (7:03)
14 Year Of The Cat (8:27)
15 Pink Panther Theme (2:58)
16 Song On The Radio (7:02)