Al Stewart
Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia PA
September 19th, 1986

Recording and processing info-
Soundboard (house mix) > Sony TCD5M analog cassette recorder > Nakamichi CR7a with azimuth adjusted

Final processing (billydee)-
16/44.1 WAV > Audacity > TLH > FLAC (level 8)

01) Intro (Ed Sciaky)
02) Sirens of Titan
03) You Got a Bad Reputation
04) Time Passages
05) Where Are They Now
06) On the Border
07) The Running Man
08) Eyes of Nostradamus
09) Helen and Cassandra (announced as Helen of Troy)
10) Happy Birthday Peter White
11) End of the Day (Peter White instrumental)
12) Roads to Moscow
13) Valentina Way
14) Year of the Cat > band intros
15) Lord Grenville
16) Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)
17) Accident on 3rd St.

Running time 01:31:48

Thanks to Nicky C and all the new school Philly crew for helping get this stuff out.
Please enjoy but remember to always support the artist.