Al Stewart at the Bottom Line 1989-03-11 complete show from master tape, 16 bit CD-burnable version, mp3 sample

This recording was taken from the "Last Days Of The Century" tour. It was also the first-ever torrent I did on Dime. Unlike that one, which was taken from a cdr from the master cassette, this one was taken from the cassette itself. It finds Messrs Stewart and Co. in a down-to-earth (c'mon, Al Stewart is NEVER totally down-to-earth, but he's trying his damndest) and in a rather hilarious mood. The show ranges from newer tunes such as "King Of Portugal" to killer versions of his older songs.

Here's the setlist:

Sand In Your Shoes
Bad Reputations
Time Passages
King Of Portugal
On The Border
Josephine Baker
Cafe Society
Band Intros
Antartica (mended from a tape flip)
Broadway Hotel
Year Of The Cat
E: The Last Days Of The Century

Runtime: over 67 minutes

Lineage: MC SA90 ->Sound Forge 6.0 at 24 bit 48Khz -> Bit Depth conversion ->Resampling with noise shaping technology ->Track splitup ->FLAC via FLAC frontend, level 6, sectors aligned and verified.


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