Al Stewart & Dave Nachmanoff Seattle 5.20.0Al Stewart w/ Dave Nachmanoff
The Triple Door
Seattle, Wa
May 20th 2005

taper: fubb
lineage: giant squid cardiod stereo power mics>jb3(48000)>HD(firewire)>adobe audition>goldwave(cues)>FLAC

artwork included
audience recording( front center aprox 10 ft from stage)

**********do not sell***support the artists***al*****

disc one of clocks
2.flying sorcery brooklyn
4.on the border
5.night train to munich
6.merlin's time
7.katherine of oregon
8.gina in the king's road

disc two
1.intro to 2nd set
2.almost lucy
3.time passages
4.midas shadow
5.the news from spain
7.roads to moscow (short version)
8.clifton in the rain/small fruit song
10.bird house in your soul
11.year of the cat lear
13.joe the georgian

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