Al Stewart
with Dave Nachmanoff
Poor David's Pub
Dallas, Texas USA
November 17, 2012

Quality: Excellent audience
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Taper: Mike Rowefoen
Transfer/encoding: joeyjay
Artwork: Chee-Zee
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Al Stewart - vocals, guitar
Dave Nachmanoff - lead guitar, harmonica, vocals *

DISC ONE (50:36)
1. Intro
2. House Of Clocks
3. Flying Sorcery
4. Banter
5. Antarctica
6. Banter
7. The Palace Of Versailles
8. Banter
9. On The Border
10. Banter
11. Night Train To Munich
12. Banter
13. "Hold On"
14. Lord Grenville
15. Banter
16. In Sickness And In Health *
17. Banter
18. Grateful *

DISC TWO (48:06)
1. Banter
2. Carol
3. Time Passages
4. Banter
5. Merlin's Time
6. Banter
7. Gina In the King's Road
8. Banter
9. Soho (Needless To Say)
10. Banter
11. Year Of The Cat
12. Encore applause
13. Banter
14. Sheila Won't Be Coming Home *

Notes: Ol' Mike has long been a casual fan of Stewart's music,
dating to the mid-'70s - the mix of history and implied drama
with Al's distinctive voice and phrasing made Mike feel like he
were in a secret adventure club or something. Hard to explain,
I guess, unless your "in the club." And while he didn't dissect
every lyric or record, Mike had a magical time every time he spun
an Al Stewart LP. That said, he was curious and somewhat ecstatic
when it was announced Al would be making a rare Dallas visit
- turned out to be 30 years since the last one. And for him to play
the great and intimate Poor David's Pub, well, we expected an
excellent night of music. An understatement, to be sure ...

As the casual fan who never had seen Al live, Ol' Mike had no idea
what to expect for a show or that Al would would be bringing
along an extraordinary sideman, Dave - and the fact the packed club
was extremely into the gig made this one amazing night. Al seems
like a heck of a nice guy and the ranconteur you might expect, given
his not-so-common subjects and lyrics. He's also a rock-solid rhythm
guitarist, and teamed with the extremely nimble Dave, the songs beam
majestically through the room. The sound is exquisite, in joeyjay's
opinion. Crank this one and you are there. Want to thank Poor
David (Card) for continually bringing in great artists to his fabulous
listening room (check out a show there if you're ever in Dallas), and
continued thanks to The Coin for the legendary but for now retired
"surrogate mics" and D. Ortiz for the current loaners. See Al and
Dave if/when you can. Highly recommended. Enjoy. On with the show ...

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