Al Stewart
14 September 2013
Sam's Burger Joint - San Antonio, TX
Booth 2, about 15 feet from stage

Recorded using Croaky-mounted Sound Professional Mini Cardiod mics (SP-CMC-19), Battery Box with no bass roll off (SP-SPSB-8), Zoom H2 at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit (External Mic jack, mid-gain)

Zoom H2 > wav files > Sony Soundforge 8.0 > Traders Little Helper > flac

Sony Soundforge was used to split the large wav file into tracks, fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end. TLH was used to correct sector boundary errors and to convert to flac. I also trimmed a little excess applause at the beginning, end, and encore break in order to just fit this onto 1 CD. No other mastering or processing was done.

I am very happy with this nice audience recording. It includes many songs that are not performed often.

Al Stewart - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Nachmanoff - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Lindauer - Bass, vocals (tracks 06 - 15)
Michael Martin - Vocals (track 07)

01 House of Clocks
02 A Genie on a Table Top
03 Sleepwalking
04 Broadway Hotel
05 On the Border
06 Nigth Train to Munich
07 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan)
08 Time Passages
09 Thing of Beauty (Dave Nachmanoff)
10 Grateful (Dave Nachmanoff)
11 Katherine of Oregon
12 Gina in the King's Road
13 Year of the Cat
14 I Can Say I've Been to Texas Now (Dave Nachmanoff)
15 Midas Shadow

A Turbo Music Production

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