Al Stewart and Dave Nachmanoff
Harlow's Nightclub
2708 J Street
Sacramento, CA
December 18, 2011
1st and 2nd sets

source: zoom h4n w/internal mics > fob/dfc > sd card
lineage: sd card > ftps(auto mode, secure, offsets) > cdwav 194 > TLH > Flac Level 8

recorded by richie greenbaum (
transfered to and tracked/flac'd by joe terrapin (

disc 1 - 1st set:
01. Introduction
02. Fragile Thing (DN)
03. Timeless Skies (DN)
04. Portugal (DN)
05. House Of Clocks
06. Lord Grenville
07. (A Child's View of) The Eisenhower Years
08. Broadway Hotel
09. On The Border
10. Night Train To Munich
11. Time Passages

disc 2 - 2nd Set:
01. Rain King (DN)
02. Lucky (DN)
03. A Certain Distance (DN)
04. Post WWII Blues
05. Like William McKinley
06. Gina In The King's Road
07. In Brooklyn
08. Helen and Cassandra > Soho(Needless To Say)
09. Year Of The Cat

10. Sheila Won't Be Coming Home
11. End Of The Day

track notes:

d1s1t03 - This is an Al song that Dave arranged as an instrumental.
d1s1t04 - Written by Pete Hamilton.
d2s2t01 - Cover of Counting Crows song.
d2s2t11 - Dave song performed with Al.

thanks to a newfound and dear friend at Dime(jrsquonk) for the setlist help...

enjoy & share freely and never convert to lossy formats...

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