Al Stewart & Dave Nachmanoff - City Winery NYC 2011-02-27
with Sam Smith

A fantastic show at a great venue. Al and Dave were in great spirits and played a long set of favorites. Sam Smith was a pleasant surprise, she did a short set although I only recorded her last three songs with Dave N.
Lineage for this one is Edirol R-09HR-CDWav-Traders Little Helper- You,

I had great seats for this although Mrs Lockheed stayed home for the Oscars...well that gave me more elbow room. The audience was quiet and appreciative during the music. The between songs banter is a lttle low volume but just turn the volume up and experience the show like I did!!!

Remember...if you don't record it, it's just a memory.

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Dave NachManoff & Sam Smith
101 La Vie En Rose
102 Miracle
103 Go Go Go
Dave Nachmanoff
104 The Midnight Sea
105 Thing of Beauty
106 The Loyalist
Al Stewart & Dave Nachmanoff
107 House of Clocks
108 Lord Granville
109 Antarctica
110 Mr. Lear
201 On The Border
202 Night Train to Munich
203 Clifton in the Rain/A Small Fruit Song
204 Gina in the Kings Road
205 Life in Dark Water
206 Roads To Moscow
207 Sheila Won't Be Coming Home
208 You Should Have Listened To Al w/Sam Smith
209 Midas Shadow
210 Year of the Cat
211 Carol