Better late than never.

Alabama 3 (A3) Acoustic
Islington Academy


Church Audio Cardioid Mics > CA ST9000 preamp > iRiver H320 (Rockbox)

USB > CDWAVE (Track splits) > Traders Little Helper > Flac

Track List.

01. Converted*
02. Audience #
03. Woke Up This Morning
04. Bulletproof
05. U Donít Danse 2 Tekno
06. Up Above My Head
07. Two Heads
08. 2129
09. Caged Bird
11. Hello. Iím Johnny Cash
12. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness

*This track cuts in rather abruptly as I had forgotten to turn on the preamp.

#This was an unintentional track split.

Line up.

Larry Love - Lead Vocals
Rock Freebase - Guitar
Devlin Love - Vocals
Nick Reynolds - Harmonica

This was my first time out taping and is also my first time uploading here so something is certain to get screwed up.

The show was an opening slot for Tennessee Three, which will become evident if you listen to the show.

Location was about 20 feet from the stage, slightly left of center.

Overall I was very happy with the recording, there is some audience talking, mainly due to me arriving late and failing to secure a good location, but it doesnít really detract from the quality of the show. It sounds very slightly Bass heavy to my ears, but that was the way it sounded in the venue, despite the lack of a bass player.

It was regarded by a number of people I attended with to be the best show the band, in its acoustic format, that they have heard, and these guys have seen this band a lot.

I have done nothing to this recording, other than split tracks, partly because I like the way it sounds and partly because I know nothing about the post production side of things.

Please be aware that the lead singer likes to curse a lot so if you are listening where ears are delicate, headphones are advised.

Please bear with me as my upload speeds are wildly varying. Hopefully I will get a decent speed for this upload.

Hope you enjoy.

(Artwork is included courtesy of the coat.)