Alabama Shakes
Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

Source: DPA 4060 > CA-Ugly > iRiver H120 (Rockboxed)
Transfer: H120 > USB > CD Wave (splitting) > Trader's Little Helper v.2.6.0 > .flac, .ffp, .torrent
Location: Third tier, on rail, just left of center, hat mounted

Recorded & Seeded by brianblank
"It's only a memory if you don't record it"

Spread the music, but please do not distribute MP3 or other lossy formats
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Please do not profit from this recording in any way

01. Hang Loose
02. Always Alright
03. I Found You
04. Goin' To The Party
05. Rise to the Sun
06. Heartbreaker
07. Boys & Girls
08. Be Mine
09. I Ain't the Same
10. Hold On
11. Making Me Itch
12. Worryin' Blues
13. On Your Way
14. Heavy Chevy
15. [encore break]
16. Gospel Song
17. You Ain't Alone
18. Heat Lightning