Alan Holdsworth Chad Wackerman
The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.Adelaide .May 15th 2002

Alan Holdsworth Guitar
Jimmy Johnson – Bass
Chad Wackerman- Drums

Sony d6> Maxell xls 11 tape.> Sony Ecm 150 mic> 2002>-Nakamichi 581 playback to Mac Dual core G5> > soundtrack 16 ,( file splitting )> 2013 >mac pro > import as 16 bit wav files from master CD > adobe audition ( amplification , minor eq -remove applause )> xact flac transfer
recorded. mastered,transferred by GGBall

Following the superb Wackerman Group show at the Gov in March, this was another real treat . Poor deluded fools, we thought that given that Wackerman was residing in Sydney, (and the shows were so successful, both musically and because they drew healthy audience numbers), that these lads would return soon for another round. Unfortunately for reasons unknown , this has not occurred. :-(

Excellent sound , respectful audience, enjoy !
I have included a possible setlist taken from a Basement sydney show from the same tour .

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