Alan Hull
Cruising Alone
Caedmon Hall Gateshead UK
1st May 1985
Audience Recording
Quality B
Wacky Jacky Refix
Time 69.47
Artwork Included
With Pictures From This Gig.

Alan Hull-Vocals/Guitars and Piano.

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Pitch was spot on,cut out a few gaps,lowered the treble a tad,raised the volume and checked SBE's in Traders Little Helper.Sing up brothers......

1 Breakfast
2 Money Game
3 United States Of Mind
4 Walk In The Sea
5 Heroes
6 Day Of The Jackal
7 One More Bottle Of Wine
8 Fly away
9 Malvina's Melody
10 Lady Eleanor
11 Winter Song
12 Country Gentleman's Wife
13 Scarecrow Song
14 Drug Song
15 Cruising To Disaster
16 Marshal Riley's Army
17 All Fall Down
18 January Song
19 Fog On The Tyne

A Wacky Jacky Refix
This answers a lot of questions,i have the video to this which is in poor shape as the audio is all over the place. I spoke with someone on YouTube
RadReay who claimed to have filmed it (he does get a mention on a few covers) and he mentioned that did have a go at replacing the audio many years ago from his cassette recording. That would make sense,as i've tried twice to fix the video which i've never been happy with (third time lucky) So here we have the audience recording,which is pretty clear compared to the hissy third generation sound we had on the video. Now to get cracking on the video..........

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