Alan Hull Remembered
Broadcast Date
20th November 1995
BBC Radio Newcastle UK
Artwork Included
Quality B+
Time: 66.31

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A selection of interviews presented by Paddy McDee about Alan's career and early days.
Replaced all official material with live versions,well i did have one or two of them.
Renumbered the song tracks and moved the bonus songs to the end of the disc.Reduced the speed/pitch as the songs
were running a semi tone too fast. Cut out a BBC Gale Warning (honest) The bonus tracks had a lot of hiss on them so slightly reduced a bit treble.
Checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper.

1. Early Days/Band Name
2. Fog On The Tyne/Songwriting (Rock Goes To College Colchester 1978-11-08)
3. Run For Home/Inspirations (Newcastle City Hall 1979-12-23 )
4. Lady Eleanor/song covers/ visiting Russia/Writing All Fall Down (Newcastle City Hall 1985/12/24)
5. All Fall Down/ Visiting Australia/ (Ultrasonic Studios NY 1972/11/28)
6. Christmas Shows/We Can Swing Together (Newcastle City Hall 1990-12-20)
7. This Heart Of Mine/ New Projects (Newcastle City Hall 1995-07-02)
. Imagine John Lennon * Official Track Removed
Days * The Kinks Official Track Removed
8. Clear White Light (Newcastle City Hall 1983-12-30-18)

Bonus Tracks
From �Both Sides Now� with Wally Whyton BBC Radio:

9. Money Game
10. January Song
11. Winter Song

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