Alan Hull And Radiator
Live Phantoms
31st May 1977
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne
Radio Broadcast
Wacky Jacky refix
Artwork Included
With Newly Found Live Shots
Quality B
Time 73.48 Minutes

Lineage Trade>EAC>HD>Audacity>Dime.

This has been seeded before by Steve23yh.
Got this in a trade from Steve and i was also at this gig.
I can remember at the time there were posters around town
saying...Jimmy Carter for the White House. Alan Hull for City Hall.
And also...Like the old Lindisfarne....only better.
And if you're wondering about Alan's opening line
Hawaaay The Laaads. Jimmy Carter had uttered those words
while visiting Newcastle a few weeks earlier.

Wacky Jackys Notes..........
Bit of a stage mains hum from time to time,but nothing too overpowering.
It was playing a semi tone too slow,did a pitch correction,took a bit of
treble off,increased the volume a tad,and boosted the left channel.
Cut out some dead air and did a couple of fades.
Checked and fixed SBE's in Trader's Little Helper.
A Flat Cap Production.

Alan Hull-Guitar/Vocals
Kenny Craddock-Keyboards
Peter Kirtley-Guitars
John Ashcroft-Keyboards
Colin Gibson-Bass
Ray Laidlaw-Drums
Terry Popple-Drums

1. Introduction
2. Breakfast
3. United States Of Mind
4. Money Game
5. January Song
6. Lady Eleanor
7. One More Bottle Of Wine
8. A Walk In The Sea
9. Winter Song
10. Introduction
11. Corporation Rock
12. Madmen And Loonies
13. Love Is The Alibi
14. Love Is The Answer
15. Band Introduction
16. I Wish You Well
17. Make Me Want To Stay
18. Somewhere Out There
19. Dancing On The Judgement Day
20. Anywhere Is Everywhere
21. Fog On The Tyne

Steve23yh's Notes............
Despite the reunion concerts of Christmas 1976, the various factions of what used to be Lindisfarne ploughed their own furrows during 1977.

A Geordie Mega-Gig took place at City Hall on 31st May 1977, with Alan Hull top of the bill; Jacka's latest endeavour, Harcourt's Heroes, close behind; and bizzarely, David Bowie's old mate, John Hutchinson, playing some C&W-tinged material as support.

Alan's set was half him on acoustic, then half introducing his new band, Radiator, with an electric set.

I was there - great gig, but it just left you wanting the reunion to be permanent!