Alan Lomax, Woody Guthrie and Friends
(pitch corrected version - 11.07)

10 March 1947

CBS Radio broadcast features Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Eddie Smith, Hally Wood,
Sidney Bechet, Pops Foster, Cisco Houston, and the Coleman Brothers with John Henry Faulk as host.
Written and produced by Alan Lomax. A mixture of nine songs, influencing folk, blues, gospel, and jazz simulated,
as Faulk states, “forty-eight states doing a musical jamboree.” “Raise a Ruckus Tonight” was the theme song with
Woody adding a square-dance verse when they ended it as the opening song.

1. Hootenanny intro
2. intro pt 2 w/ Woody; Ida Red - Pete Seeger
3. Blues All Around My Bed - Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry
4. talk > Turtle Dove - Hally Wood and Pete Seeger
5. Summertime - Sidney Bechet
6. Hard Ain't It Hard - Woody Guthrie and Friends
7. Talkin Blues - Woody Guthrie
8. Raise a Ruckus Tonight - Woody and others
/ You May Run On For a Long Time - The Coleman Brothers
9. John Henry - Others and Woody Guthrie

"Back Where I Come From"
19 August 1940

New York City, CBS Radio Forecast Series #10 - This series was an attempt to "try out new radio ideas". Each program was an introduction to a proposed new radio series. Hosted by Clifton Fadiman, written by Alan Lomax and Nicholas Ray, featuring Woody Guthrie, The Golden Gate Quartet, Len Doyle, Burl Ives, Josh White and Willie Johnson

10. intro
11. intro pt 2
12. Introduction - "The Weather"
13. Sign of the Rain - The Golden Gate Quartet / Er-i-e Canal - all
14. Woody Guthrie on the subway and the weather
15. talk
16. woody intro / So Long It's Been Good To Know You - Woody Guthrie and cast
17. So Long (cont) - Woody and cast / Foggy Dew - Burl Ives

18. Noah's Ark Sermon - Willie Johnson & The Golden Gate Quartet
19.So Long (outro) - Woody and cast


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