Alan Lomax,
Woody Guthrie,
Pete Seeger,
Burl Ives,
and Friends

"Back Where I Come From"
19 August 1940

New York City, CBS Radio Forecast Series #10 - This series was an attempt to "try out new radio ideas;" each program was
an introduction to a proposed new radio series. Hosted by Clifton Fadiman, written by Alan Lomax and Nicholas Ray,
featuring Woody Guthrie, The Golden Gate Quartet, Len Doyle, Burl Ives, Josh White and Willie Johnson

1. Introduction
2. Rain Stories and Song - Cast
3. Sign of the Rain - The Golden Gate Quartet /
4. Er-i-e Canal - all
5. Woody Guthrie and others on the subway and the weather
6. So Long It's Been Good To Know You - Woody Guthrie and cast
7. Foggy Dew - Burl Ives
8. Noah's Ark - Willie Johnson & The Golden Gate Quartet
9. So Long It's Been Good To Know You - Cast
10. Outro/Promo

unsure of original lineage - I seeded this one and another 40's era Woody @ LL a couple years back where it was brought to my attention that the speed was way off - finally got around to asking a friend to fix it up and here it is

thanks go to droncit for the spc and other fixes using Diamond Cut Forensics 8.5 Dec 2014

I've separated the 2 shows out as signgle torrents to comply with Dimes policies so pt 2 will follow shortly