Alan Parsons
Venue: International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 4 Oct 1997
Taper: Unknown
Source: Audience
Transfer: CD-R from trade > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you
Sound Quality: A/A+ in my rating and ears....

Disc 1
1 Sirius/Eye In The Sky
2 I Wouldnít Want To Be Like You
3 Canít Take It With You
4 Old And Wise
5 Money Talks/La Sagrada Familia
6 Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
7 Prime Time
8 Limelight
9 Time
10 Turn It Up
11 Standing On Higher Ground
12 Blue Blue Sky II
13 I Canít Look Down
14 So Far Away

Disc 2
1 Fall Free
2 Cloudbreak
3 Brother Up In Heaven
4 (The System Of) Dr. Tarr & Pr. Fether
5 Psychobabble
6 Donít Answer Me
7 Band Intro/Youíre Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
8 Games People Play

Alan Parsons - Guitar, Keyboards,Vocals & Percussion
Stuart Elliott - Drums
Ian Bairnson - Guitars & Sax
John Giblin - Bass
Peter Beckett - Vocals & Keyboards
John Beck - Keyboards
Neil Lockwood - Vocals & Guitar

Very nice recording from the Japanese leg of On Air Tour.
Since I got this in a trade for about 100 years ago I dont have any info
about lineage, taping equipment etc.

Do NOT encode to MP3 or any other lossy compression format!!
This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!