Alan Parsons Live Project
B B Kings Blues Club & Grill, New York, NY
November 10, 2004

Source Info: Schoeps CCM4's > DAT

Whew!!! Got this torrent up and running within 21 hours of the end of the show.

Wound up at this concert on a lark last night and what a pleasant surprise.
Alan Parsons (sound engineer for the Beatles on Let It Be & Abbey Road and
also the producer of Pink Floydís Dark Side Of The Moon) has put together a
very fine and extremely entertaining band. There was a lot of pre-show buzz
that David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) was to appear, as he plays on Alanís new album.
Our anticipation was heightened by the house playing all Pink Floyd music over
the PA before the show, but alas, this was just a tease of what was not to be ...
ďhe couldnít be here ď Alan said at one point to the overly enthusiastic crowd.

Anyway, for those of you who donít know B B Kings is a small club located on 42nd
Street in the heart of all of Manhattanís Times Square madness. The club was packed
to the rafters with approx. 800 people. I wound up very close to the stage, and most
of the sound I picked up was from the on stage monitors, with a bit of sound coming
from the overhead PA that was mounted on the ceiling just one row ahead of me. All
in all this made for a very fine sound mix. You will not be disappointed with the
quality of this recording. As always I appreciate your comments and star ratings
after you have had an opportunity to listen to this.

Oh ... one other thing. Alan announced that this show was also being recorded by
XM radio for broadcast on a later date. So letís be respectful and support Alan
Parsonsí XM broadcast too. We definitely want to hear more from this pillar of
rock ní roll history.

Hereís the set list:

01. I Robot
02. Damned If I Do
03. Don't Answer Me
04. Breakdown
05. Raven
06. Luciferama
07. What Goes up
08. Limelight
09. Time
10. Psychobabble
11. Return to Tunguska

CD 2:
01. More Lost Without You
02. Wouldn't Wanna Be like You
03. We Play the Game
04. Don't Let it Show
05. Prime Time
06. Sirius
07. Eye in the Sky
08. Dr Tarr & Professor Fether
09. Old & Wise
10. Games People Play