Alan Parsons Live Project
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, Arizona

Recorded by: :-)
Location: 1st row Second Tier, 40 ft. from stage, stage rotated [in the round]
Equipment: TASCAM DR-05 (internal)
Processing: 24/96 wave>Audacity>16/44 wave>EAC>track>Flac Level 8

The Band:

Alan Parsons- Guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
P. J. Olsson- Vocals, guitar
Manny Focarazzo- Keyboards
Danny Thompson- Drums
Guy Erez- Bass, vocals
Alastair Green- Lead guitar, vocals
Todd Cooper- Sax, vocals, guitar, percussion

The Setlist:

One_01 Sirus
One_02 Damned If I Do
One_03 Don't Answer Me
One_04 Time
One_05 Psychobable Rap
One_06 Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
One_07 Old And Wise
One_08 Turn OF A Friendly Card i
One_09 Turn OF A Friendly Card ii
One_10 Turn OF A Friendly Card iii
One_11 Turn OF A Friendly Card iiii
One_12 Turn OF A Friendly Card reprise

Two_01 Comments
Two_02 Fragile
Two_03 The System Of Dr Tarr and Professor Feather
Two_04 Lime Light
Two_05 In The Real World
Two_06 Prime Time - band intro
Two_07 Eye In The Sky
Two_08 Enchore Break
Two_09 Break Down
Two_10 The Raven
Two_11 Don't Let It Show
Two_12 Games People Play

approx 114 min.

Enjoy !!

Comments welcome !!

........ no vid from me as I was in front by isle and they were strict :-(

p.s. I'm assuming 1 is Sirus as it's not i-robot , guessing about 4,5 second set -laters