Alan Parsons Live Project
Tucson Arizona, USA 2020-02-14
Venue: The FOX Theater
Audience Recording
Sound: You Likie
Taper: :-)


set 1:
01. One Note Symphony
02. Damned If I Do
03. Don't Answer Me
04. Time
05. Breakdown - Raven
06. La Sagrada Familia
07. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
08. Miracle
09. Psychobabble
10. Don't Let It Show


Set 2:
01. Luciferama
02. As Lights Fall
03. Can'T Take It With You
04. Limelight
05. Standing On Higher Ground
06. Prime Time - Piano Solo
07. Band Intros
08. Sirius - Eye In The Sky
09. Crowd
10. Dr. Tarr And Prof. Fether
11. Games People Play

approx. 2 hours(-) music, 1/2 hour intermission

ALAN PARSONS: Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals
P.J. OLSSON: Vocals
TOM BROOKS: Keyboards
TODD COOPER: Saxophone/Vocals
DAN TRACEY: Guitar/Backing vocals
JEFF KOLLMAN: Lead Guitar/Vocals

Lineage: Tascam Dr-05 (int. mics)(24x96) > Audacity (EQ) (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) > split on sectors EAC > WAV to FLAC conversion with flac frontend - md5 checksum with md5summer - Torrent file with Vuze

MD5 Checksum included

Audience Recording on SDHC Card

NOTES: Upper balcony slightly right of center theater designed for sound very slight chatter hear and there not really distracting YMMV

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encode to mp3. for personal use only