2005.01.26 - Argentina Buenos Aires Teatro Gran Rex

Alan Parsons: Guitar, vocal, keyboards, percussion
Godfrey Townsend: Guitar
Manny Focarazzo: Keyboards, backing vocals
Steve Murphy: Drums, backing vocals
John Montagna: Bass, backing vocals
P.J. Olsson: Vocals, guitar

01. Sirius - intro
02. I Robot
03. Damned If I Do
04. Don't Answer Me+Let It Be* - finale
05. Breakdown+The Raven
06. Luciferama (Lucifer+Mammagamma)
07. What Goes Up...
08. Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
09. Time
10. Psychobabble
11. Return To Tunguska 6:44
12. More Lost Without You 4:26
13. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You 4:09
14. Rain Chant 0:50
15. We Play The Game 6:05
16. Don't Let It Show 5:18
17. Prime Time+Layla**+Speak To Me*** 11:41
18. Sirius+Eye In The Sky 9:36
19. Can't Take It With You 6:09
20. Old And Wise 5:39
21. Games People Play 6:28

* Written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
** Written by Eric Clapton
*** Written by Nick Mason

T.T.: 67:05

Audience -> cassette tape -> WAV -> FLAC

Recording/Transfer Notes:
Recorded in stereo by Wilki Amieva using a Sony TCM-50DV portable cassette recorder and its built-in microphone in a TDK A120 tape, Dolby NR off. Nice sound, but very limited stereo separation, as the taper was seated way to the left of the stage. Only the second half of the show was taped, that means tracks 11-21 with last one having a slight cut in the middle due to tape flip. Sorry! Transferred using a TASCAM 202 MkIII cassette tape deck, Dolby NR off again, through a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX into WAV, 48 kHz/24-bit. Edited in Adobe Audition 3.0: normalization to 0 dB, DC bias offset and phase correction, downsampling to 44.1 KHz/16-bit, tracking and fades. No noise reduction! Encoded with FLAC frontend 1.7.1, level 8.