Alan Parson's Project Amsterdam Paradiso 15-09-2007

First time i saw Alan Parson and i must say it was a very good concert. In the 80's i had some albums but i lost interest in them.
Now a friend went to the concert and i thought that i was nice to tag along and indeed it was.
The played very loud so i had to adjust the sound level 2 times this al happened in the first 2 songs. When i came home i boosted the level +3
because it ended up a little bit soft. I also edited it a bit to get the high notes back but that's just a litle bit

Minidisc MZ-NH700 & Coresound Binaural Mics >> Sonicstage wave >> Audobe Audition >> WAV >> Traders Little Helper >>Flac level 6
MD5 file created with Traders Little Helper

01 I Robot
02 Damned if I do
03 Donít answer me
04 Breakdown
05 Lucifer
06 Day after day (the show must go on)
07 La Sagrada familia
08 Time
09 Psychobabble
10 I wouldnít want to be like you
11 We play the game
12 Donít let it show
13 Prime time
14 Sirius / Eye in the sky
15 Canít take it with you
16 Old and wise
18 Games people play
19 (The system of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether