Here is another from my personal collection the great Albert Collins at the Monterey Jazz Festival 9-16-78. This is from a Reel to Reel Master. My friend and I got a chance to transfer some great mono soundboards from Reel to Reels in the early 80's. This is actually a Teac Reel to Reel to Cassette (top of the line Yamaha cassette deck from the 80's) and then transferred straight to my Philips CDR-765 deck. This is as close to a 1 generation as possible since the reels where sent of to never never land surplus probably never to see the light of day from the original source. CD Burners didn't exist yet so I had to wait until they we're available to transfer this show This is a live soundboard that may or may not have been broadcast. I think you'll be pleased with the sound quality. Running time is about 46 minutes. Again, I used the top of the line Maxell tapes and transferred this to my Philips CDR-765 deck.

I don't know the personnel except that Albert mentions Mike Henderson Band which was probably backing him up.

Please to do not compress to MP3 or other lossy compression and do not sell.

Thanks and enjoy!

Albert Collins

Monterey Jazz Festival 9-16-78

1. Somebodyís Gotta Go (4:48)
2. Iím Ready (5:55)
3. Instrumental (5:45)
4. Have Mercy (7:49)
5. Donít Lose Your Cool (5:30)
6. Do What You Wanna Do (5:08)
7. Things That I Used To Do (4:55)
8. Frosty (6:35)