Albert Collins
Scorpion Lounge
State College, PA

October 31, 1978

Source: Soundboard > ??? > Cassette > CD-R

Editing: Soundforge > Wav > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac Level 8

Traders Den 12/13/15

Transferred, Edited and Tracked by kingrue upload 664.


I wasn't sure I was going to post this, but I had a way to improve this just a little and bring it back to life again.

This recording was posted on dime back in 2010. It might have come from somewhere else before that.

This sounds great, with the only flaw being it had the last song faded out.

In addition, I have another cassette copy of this exact recording, that does include the last song complete.

I transferred that tape and used the last 21 seconds as a patch from that copy, it's now more complete.

I've also renamed the tracks and created new checksums.

I've made some slight volume adjustments and balanced the channels volume.

If any of you have this from years ago, you might want to grab just the last track.

Not much else has been changed from the original, expect what I mentioned.

I've included the original shn text file in this torrent.

Albert does introduce the band members, but I can't understand what names he's saying.

This was just before AC put the Icebreakers together.

Albert Collins - guitar and vocals (passed away 11/24/93 at the age of 61)
A.C. Reed - tenor sax
??? Bass (from Chicago, IL)
??? Drums
??? Guitar

samples provided

Side A
01 Instrumental
02 Cold Cold Feelin'
03 Instrumental
04 Instrumental
05 Goin' To New York
06 Big Boss Man
07 Instrumental

Side B
08 Conversation With Collins
09 Things That I Used To Do
10 Instrumental w/band introductions
11 Rock Me Baby > Let Me Lay Down By Your Side
12 Reconsider Baby
13 I Got A Mind To Travel
14 Frosty (Instrumental)
15 Every Day I Have The Blues

Total Time = 91:17 min