This is from my personal collection of when I saw the great Albert Collins at the Cellar Door in Washington, D.C. on 10-27-81. Unfortunately my tape recorder's batteries drained before the end of the show and I didn't have spares. (Sorry, I was a young lad at the time) What I did get was a great show and excellent quality. I transferred this straight from my high end Yamaha cassette deck straight to my Phillips CD recorder years ago so the quality is pretty good for a audience tape. It was a small club and I was only a couple of seats back. I'm not totally sure of the song names, so if there are any corrections let me know and I will update the CD cover and track names. After the show I got a chance to talk with him for a bit and he signed an old record from 69 that I had. A great night!

I don't know the personnel except that the great AC Reed was there.

Please to do not compress to MP3 or other lossy compression and do not sell

Thanks and enjoy!

Disk 1

01. Lied & Cheated for So Long (3:13)
02. Stand By Me (9:00)
03. Going to New York (3:59)
04. I've Made up My Mind (6:04)
05. Intro Jam (10:22)
06. Cold Feeling (11:05)
07. Instrumental (4:24)
08. MasterCharge (12:24)

Disk 2

01. Got That Feeling (15:32)
02. Just A Little Bit (3:45)
03. Mojo (8:24)
04. She's Mine (6:19)
05. Crazy About My Baby (3:52)
06. Instrumental (6:54)
07. Caldonia (6:54)
08. Down with The Flu (incomplete) (7:48)