Albert Collins
September 17, 1982 early show
Cotati Caberet, Cotati, CA

Recorded and transferred to cd by Easy Ed.

I, Easy Ed, was at the show with my deck connected to the board. This is not a multigenerational cassette copy acquired through trading- this is the soundboard cassette master.

soundboard > Sony high end desktop cassette deck (recorded with no Dolby on high bias Maxell UDXLII C90 tape)

transfer: JVC KD-V6 cassette deck (playback with no Dolby) > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Sound Forge 8 (normalize, track splits) > .wav files > FLAC level 7 encoding

I have no clue what the sound titles are, so please help. Here is something to start with:

(early show)
01 Listen Here
02 Got A Mind To Travel
03 Angel Of Mercy
04 ?
05 ?
06 I Got That Feeling (end cut)

All the tracks together add up to 86 minutes so I'm putting Side A on one disc and Side B on another. You can do what you like.

There was an unexplained six second gap towards the end of track 3 so I did a one second fade out, one second fade in and deleted four seconds of the six second gap.

The venue for this show was The Cotati Cabaret in Cotati, CA. It was a small club that held about 300 people. Cotati is a small town located about an hour north of San Francisco. The Cabaret was an outgrowth of another venue that had been across the street called The Inn of The Beginning, a resurrected version of which has since 'risen from the ashes' once or twice since the 80's.

Cotati is next to Sonoma State University, which was called Granola State University back in the days. SSU is where the great recording of Old & In The Way with Ramblin' Jack Elliott opening was made in 1973. There is a great poster of the O&ITW show, my copy of which is long gone :<(