I'm re-loaded with more masters from TM, so the Frozen Flood Continues !!

This particular show was a triple bill with Albert, Etta James and John Lee Hooker. TM just recorded Albert

The TM - BP Ice Man Master Series Volume 7
Albert Collins and the Icebreakers
December 7, 1984 (1984-12-07)
Beverly Theatre
Beverly Hills, California

01) [09:00] Honky Tonk
02) [05:12] After Hours
03) [05:55] Albert intro > Listen Here
04) [07:20] The Moon is Full
05) [07:26] Master Charge
06) [12:42] Angel of Mercy
07) [07:18] Cold Cuts Jam

Total [54:53]

Albert Collins: Guitar, vocals
Leon Blue: Piano, vocals
Gabrial Flemming: Trumpet
Abb Locke: Tenor Sax
Soko Richardson: Drums
Johnny B. Gayden: Bass
?: Guitar
* guest: Moses Armstrong: MC, percussion

Lineage: 1 X Nak CM300 w/ CPI > Sony D6

TM notes: Middle of the floor, about 20th row. Wish I was closer ..... the show was reserved seating and a very sought after event !! Everyone was all dressed up enjoying a night of Blues in Beverly Hills !!

Transfer: Master cassette > Yamaha KX393 > Tascam CDRW700 (on 2002-03-02) > EAC > CDR > EAC > Flac (8)