This looks to be yet another bobpage / T.M. master recording that I received in a CDR trade in 2003. Sounds great, as usual. Sample included.

Also, I feel compelled to say a few words about my uploads on Dime (just uploaded my 250th!). To me, it's all about sharing the music and making sure that it lives on. I spent 35 years (so far) building my collection and obviously have some real gems. About half of my collection is still sitting on my basement shelves gathering dust and doing no one any good (cassettes and CDRs).

My kids love music but not MY music so I'm really afraid that my personal collection may get thrown right in the trash can at some point. I'm just trying to make sure this great music lives in infamy (as it should).

Oh, and one other thing, in sharing all of this great music, sometimes a couple of things might happen; 1) Someone may have an upgrade to what I just uploaded (known lineage, better recording, longer show, etc.). I welcome, encourage and PLEAD you to upload upgrades. It benefits us all and for me, its all about the sound quality. 2) With the Ice Man Flood raging on DIME, someone just might think of a long, lost AC gem just sitting around somewhere waiting to be shared (ala Dan Limpinski)


Albert Collins and the Icebreakers
December 8, 1984 (1984-12-08)
O. T. Price's
Santa Cruz, California

Disc 1 [1:06:18]
Set 1
01) [07:58] After Hours
02) [07:07] Blues Party
03) [07:47] Down Home Blues
04) [08:01] Albert intro > Listen Here
05) [09:07] The Moon is Full
06) [06:35] Master Charge // cut
07) [10:34] Angel of Mercy
08) [09:09] Tired Man

Disc 2 [55:00]
Set 2
01) [08:00] Cleo's Back
02) [09:57] Sweet Sixteen (with Broadway on guitar)
03) [09:44] Help Me (with Broadway, Albert joins at 5:00)
04) [07:12] I've Got a Mind To Travel
05) [06:34] Things That I Used To Do
06) [04:53] Brick
07) [08:40] Snatchin' It Back

Total [2:01:18]

Lineage: Trade cdr in 2003

Transfer: EAC > Flac (8) > you