Albert Collins & The Ice Breakers
Houston, TX

August 22, 1986

The BR series vol. 80

Source: Soundboard > low generation cassette (probable 2nd gen) (Maxell-II)

Editing: Soundforge > Wav > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac Level 8

Traders Den 12/14/15

Transferred, Edited and Tracked by kingrue upload 665.


I haven't seen this posted on TTD or dime trackers. I think this one is rare.

We have 2 sets here. Just as the tape runs out, you hear the stage announcer say "Do You Want Some More"!.

Which would make me believe there was an encore played.

There was probably a little more recorded onto another tape, this is everything I have.

On a side note: It's fair to say that nearly all of Rockefellers shows were recorded through the board.

I know a guy who has a lot of Rockefellers of BB King and I'm patiently waiting for those tapes.

There are more years of Collins at Rockefellers, I just don't have anymore.

Thanks goes to BR for supplying this show.

Now come get some new Collins!!!

Samples Provided

Set 1
01 Instrumental
02 The Moon Is Full
03 Honey Hush
04 Angel of Mercy
05 Tired Man
06 Conversation With Collins
07 Instrumental

(30 minute intermission)

Set 2
08 Instrumental
09 Cold, Cold Feelin'
10 Master Charge
11 I Got That Feelin'
12 Instrumental

Total Time = 88:08 min