Albert Collins and the Icebreakers
Belly-Up Tavern
Solona Beach, California

(1) Nakamichi CM 100 & (1) Nakamichi CM 300 with CP-1 capsules > Sony WM D-6c
Yamaha KX393 > Tascam CDRW 700 > EAC > shntool join > CDRWav > FLAC encoding level 6

CD 1
Listen Here!
Black Cat Bone
Too Many Dirty Dishes
I Got That Feeliní
Jam (with Debbie Davies)
The Moon Is Full

CD 2
Soul Serenade
Jam (with O.C. Anderson)

Another Albert Collins audience. This one is great for the couple of un-named jams, the first featuring side guitarist Debbie Davies, and the last a local named O.C. Anderson. The recordings a little chatty but enjoyable nonetheless.