Albert Collins and The Ice Breakers
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO

SBD > DAT? > Clone #? >> SV-3700 > CardDeluxe > CoolEdit (48K to 44.1) > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend

Transfered from DAT 4-20-08

Set List

01 Tuning and Intro 01:17.29
02 Watermelon Man 10:30.50
03 Ice Man 04:36.52
04 Lights Are On But Nobody's Home 15:18.25
05 Put The Shoe On The Other Foot 09:59.25
06 The Things That I Used To Do 06:53.01
07 Honey Hush 05:51.40
08 Same Old Thing 15:37.21
09 Frosty 06:12.26

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on April 21, 2008, at 10:50 am

01 Tuning and Intro.flac:1a2ecad4f810aed2b104e59441f6ca9d
02 Watermelon Man.flac:d6cfd2db58ce37238d38d0b09b48c4ad
03 Ice Man.flac:d58754f74ba6bf30202278f97c3f2d1b
04 Lights Are On But Nobody's Home.flac:809a6a5840b0fcefd02172ea2ae2d52d
05 Put The Shoe On The Other Foot.flac:e044b7dfa59cdf1e271a268795233f72
06 The Things That I Used To Do.flac:642044879c168a940a09356f5c558636
07 Honey Hush.flac:95c3eca9eb1a0ebc9ef55472f0fc465b
08 Same Old Thing.flac:43ac64b443b73dfc3d51a61b6da67b70
09 Frosty.flac:2693e0ff2021773789162bdbdb0448e9

My DAT was labeled DSBD.
Only known flaws on the recording was a .5 second dropout at 03:24:07 on Track 3; Patched with a currently circulating SBD Recording. There is also a -60 dB, 16kHz tone present in the recording of unknown origin. It's right at my cutoff point and I can't really hear it but it's there. I've always suspected that it is the result of a PCM transfer to DAT but it could have been in the source signal. The currently circulating SBD recording has the tone also.