Albert Collins
Baltimore Md 3-30-93

Source: Sonic Studios DSML6 mics on balcony 1 foot apart appx 10 over stage> Denon DTR80P DAT Master 16/48

Transfer: Sony PCM R500 DAT> SPDIF> MTII

Assembly: AA3 for fades, r8brain pro for 16/44, cdwav for tracking, tlh for flac7, foobar for tags


Instrumental *
Instrumental *
Ice Man
Tired Man
Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
The Things That I Used To Do
Honey Hush
The Lights Are On
Too Many Dirty Dishes
Same Old Thing jam


- with White Trash horns

- I am pretty sure Gibb Droll (who opened the show) sits in on one song towards the end

- No other editing, eq or normalizing done

- Recorded, transferred and assembled by popskull 6/13