Albert Collins
Prix D'Ami
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 10th, 1993
Soundboard recording
Lineage: TDK D90 tape > Sansui SC-1330 deck > Phonic PEQ 3600 31 bands per channel graphic EQ > PC soundcard > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 > WAV 44.000 Hz 16 bits > FLAC (level 8) > You

Probably a 1st or 2nd gen from master

At the mid 90s decade, I used to buy live audios on cassette from a guy at the Sunday's record fair in Buenos Aires City. This guy sometimes had shows taken directly from the soundboard. His stuff was mainly argentinian bands or shows of international bands live here in Buenos Aires. Knowing the quality of his stuff, sometimes I bought from him recordings of bands I don't really collect because I would be getting great stuff anyway. One of those audios was this show of Albert Collins at the Prix D'Ami rock club (it don't exist anymore for many years).

The soundboard recording is really nice, even not being a master. I learned that Collins died just a few months after this show. And since I have seen this audio in circulation, I wanted to share it here. Again, I needed the help of the great Kingrue to identify the songs, but none of us could come up with the song titles. I hope someone of you who download it can get back here with the proper setlist to include it at the main post.

01- (9:14)
02- (5:47)
03- (3:53)
04- (7:05)
05- (6:05)
06- (5:58)
07- (5:59)
--tape break --
08- (3:27) (cuts in abruptly)
09- (5:32)
10- (6:17)
11- (13:04)
12- (6:56)

Total Time = 79:23

Hope you enjoy the audio. Please don't share it lossy formats.