Albert Collins and The Icebreakers
Pittsburgh, PA
Rest In Peace, Albert...
Audience recording UNCIRC
ex- SQ IMHO 1st gen

Lineage -

One-point stereo tie mic > Sony WM-F46 stereo cassette
recorder > Maxell UDI 90 90 min. high-quality normal bias
cassette tape > JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette deck >
Maxell XLII-S 90 90 min. high bias chromium dioxide cassette
tape (1st gen copy) > SONY WM-SXF30 Radio Cassette Player >
ZOOM H2 Handy Digital Recorder (track wav files here) >
SanDisk 2 GB SD Card >
(wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (track and edit wav files here) >
Trader's Little Helper (encode level 8 with FlacFrontend
and align on sector boundaries)

One CD: 8 tracks, 70:58
TT: 70:58
Sound Quality - ex-, 9/10 IMHO as always.

I recorded this concert close to 24 years ago and I remember it
fairly well. First off, TECHNICALLY this show is incomplete ;
Debbie Davies opened for AC and played for 15-20 minutes ; since I
had never heard of her, wasn't interested in her in the least
& felt that her opening for the Master of the Telecaster was in a
sense a bit of a ripoff, I didn't turn on the recorder until AC
hit the stage. So AFA AC is concerned, this recording IS complete.
It's just missing DD which, IIRC, was no great loss with due
respect to Ms. Davies. I was there to see Albert, not her. Hope that
doesn't bum anybody out too much. The show was well-attended but
not a sellout. The recording is very good ; it is only marred by
some bitch who could NOT keep her fucking mouth shut during some
of the show. How details of her sad little life were more crucial
than shutting her yap and listening to a guitar genius is beyond
me. Honey, if yer out there reading this, fuck you. I was seated
in the left hand front balcony (if you're on stage looking at the
pit) pretty close to the stage so my vantage point was fine.
Well, let's get this gem on the golden road to spiritual enlightenment
but first, a few words from our sponsor...

No buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
I will post a few samples to help people decide if they want this
but trust me, it's a really great show that is a MUST-HAVE for
all Albert Collins fans. Listen to this on headphones for an enjoyable
experience! Well, thanks for reading this and Mr. Natural would like
to add these few comments: have fun, don't freak out and by all means,
enjoy the concert !!!

jojogunne 6/15/2014

PS - If you know the correct titles of Tracks 1 & 8, please post
them here. Up any and all good recordings of AC on Dime. I had the
honor of seeing Albert @ The Decade in Pittsburgh, PA on July 12,
1985 ; he appeared on a TV music show the next day (Live Aid)
w/ George Thorogood and I would kill for a copy of that Decade show.
He was playing his guitar while slowing walking down the top of the
bar. Too bad that my stealth taping career wouldn't start for another
3 years...Thanks for reading all this and enjoy the show !