Albert Collins w. Rory Gallagher
Paleo Folk Festival
Nyon, Switzerland




1. Jam one (9:12)
2. Jam two (25:44)

[...] Nowadays, every amateur band knows their texts and music by heart, no doubt. These sessions are usually very interesting, but it would be wrong to expect new sensations. The more I was surprised when I saw the two sessions of RORY and ALBERT COLLINS. Maybe it is their respect for each other which drives these two guitarists to give remarkable shows again and again (in regard to their sessions). COLLINS might think "I'll show Rory what the blues is really like; whereas RORY might be eager to show ALBERT what Rory Gallagher's opinion of blues is like. After the opening number at the NYON FOLK FESTIVAL in 1983, which was a blues medley, the whole session turned out to be a mixture of jazz and rock -and it was also a mixture of two kinds of modern blues. Four years ago (with CHAMPION JACK DUPREE on piano as guest) GALLAGHER and COLLINS finished with an encore of an old TASTE song, which was most surprising, especially when you consider the fact that no one had ever heard RORY playing a TASTE song after he started his solo career. [...]

from Issue #40 of Deuce Quarterly in 3/86

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