Albert Cummings at The Troy Pig Out, Riverfront Park, Troy, NY,July 14, 2012

Source: SP-CMC8 (~30 feet from stage, ~8 feet right) > SP-SB10 battery box (power only) > Olympus LS11 (24/48)
Transfer: SDHC > HD > Audacity (tracking) > WAV (16bit/44.1) > Flac (level 8)

Only time for one set:

099 testing equipment
100 announcer
101 Who's Lovin' You Tonight (That's Alright)
102 Why Me
103 Where Did I Go Wrong
104 Lights Are On But Nobody's Home
105 Party Right Here
106 Your Sweet Love
107 I'm Going Down
108 Midnight Rider
109 I'm Going Down
110 Tell It Like It Is
111 I've Got Feelings Too
112 Girls to Shame
113 Bass Solo
114 Girls to Shame
115 Regular Man
116 Some Kind of Wonderful
117 Regular Man
118 Track
119 Drum Solo
120 Reprise
121 Hoochie Coochie Man
122 announcer


123 The Blues Makes Me Feel So Good

There were 2 strange glitches I couldn't figure how to deal with (tracks 102 and 116 -- about 2.7 seconds each), so I just silenced them. <shrug>

There's about 15 seconds missing between track "122 announcer" and the encore track "123 ".

We all thought they were done but the Mayor of Troy wanted to hear one more. I just managed to grab it. :)

I couldn't find names for tracks "118 Track" and "120 Reprise" (of Track 118). Help would be swell, and thanks in advance.

Enjoy, and if you want to reseed somewhere, be my guest, just don't convert to lossy. K?

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