Albert Cummings
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA
December 19, 2014

Source: Tascam IM2 microphone > Iphone > FiRe2 > Audacity > Exact Audio Copy > Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Toddjun

02-Let the Good Times Roll
03-Why Me
04-Your Sweet Love
05-Walkin' Blues
06-Girls to Shame
07-Party Right Here
08-Barrel House Blues
09-Cry Me A River
10-Regular Man
11-500 Miles
12-Hoochie Coochie Man
13-Glass House
14-Midnight Rider
15-Tell It Like It Is
16-Where Did I Go Wrong
17-Just Not Lately
19-Lonely Bed
20-Blues Makes Me Feel So Good
21-encore break
23-Who Do You Love

Albert Cummings - Guitar, Vocals
Karl Allweier - Bass
Warren Grant - Drum

Opening Act-Skyla Burrell
01-Life Storms
02-Blues Scars
03-Full Time Gambler
04-Tuff Stuff
05-Love Letter in Blues
06-Working Girl Blues
07-Bluesin' for your Lovin'

Skyla Burrell - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Tomlinson - Guitar
Ezell Jones - Drums
Charlie Hilbert - Bass

Recorded from the 3rd Row behind the tables on the right side.

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