Albert Hash, Kyle Creed and the Whitetop Mountain Band
1977 National Folk Festival

Emily Paxton Spencer Vocals
Thorton Spencer Fiddle, Guitar
Tom Barr Bass
Becky Haggar Guitar, Vocals
Floury Banjo ??
Albert Hash Fiddle
Kyle Creed

1. Richmond
2. It's A Shame To Whip Your Wife On Sunday
3. Bill Cheatum
4. Fire on the mountain
5. Lonesome road blues (loses 1/2 the volume on one channel 3/4 way throughout remainder of set)
6. Cripple Creek
7. Arkansas Travler

13 minutes of silence in between next recording

Albert Hash
1. talking with Albert Hash about his fiddle
2. Flop Eared Mule
3. How Albert Hash learned to play
4. Arkansas Traveler
5. Questions about finger position, bowing, etc.
6. I took her by her little brown hand
7. Talking about Fiddling Arthur Smith
8. Rabbit up a gum stump

CD Extraction via EAC
Unknown taper