Grant Park
Chicago Blues Festival

A real nice Albert King, which I don't think has ever been seeded here before ( has it??)

This is from my cassette and the sound is pretty nice- I'd give it a solid A- / B+. There is a little bit od static and hiss here and
there, but never enough to distract from Albert and the band

2 known flaws:

- tape flip in #6 "Matchbox BLues"
- #13 fades out and I'm missing the last cut and a post-show interview with Albert

fm broadcast

1) Band Intro
2) Band Instrumental
3) Intro Albert King>Them Changes(instrumental)
4) I Wonder Why
5) The Sky Is Crying
6) Matchbox Blues
7) Born Under A Bad Sign
8) Personal Manager
9) Cadillac Assembly Line
10)I Found Love In The Food Stamp Line
11)All The Time
12)I'll Play The Blues For You
13)Down The Road I Go ( fades out)

Missing last Track and interview with Albert:
- Flooding In California>Outro
- DJ Interview with Albert King