Albert King
Playing The Blues For You from The Fillmore To Tokyo
Live Compilation
1971 06 27 Fillmore East San Francisco (Tracks 1-6)
1981 05 17 MZA Ariake Japan (Tracks 7-10)

Lineage: Tracks (1-6)
FM -> MR -> Dolby B encoded reel (3.75 ips) ->

Panasonic SV-3700 DAT -> Turtle Beach Fiji S/PDIF input ->

CoolEdit Pro (minor editing, normalization, and a touch of

noise reduction) -> CDWav -> SHN -> FLAC (The original info file mentions SHN, but I received FLACs in a trade)
Tracks (7-10)
xia PS-II 1stgen->NAD 6325->NAD 7125 amp->Sony RCD W500C(SBM)->EAC->WAV->TLH->Flac 8

Lineage of my Compilation:
All tracks normalized in volume using Sound Normalizer 7.6
Renaming tracks and deleting old tags, creating new checksums.


1. Intro by Bill Graham

2. Knock On Wood (instrumental)

3. Blues Power

4. Crosscut Saw

5. Personal Manager

6. Instrumental jam
7. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
8. The Sky Is Crying
9. I'll Play The Blues For You
10. Floodin' In California

Petriz comments:
Thanks to the tapers and seeders of original sources.
I always liked both these shows (especially the Japanese one, as it includes my favourite version of Outskirts) and decided to put them together
because they are fairly short and will fit on one CD and none of the tracks overlap. No remastering/correcting gaps etc. was done Enjoy.

Comparison with the 1971 06 27 show on the tracker:
I believe they are the same source, albeit in different file format, without normalized sound (as it is a standalone performance)
and has currently no seeders.