Albert KING Paris Mutualite 1978 16 november SM aud master FLAC

I'm seeding this show by request; please consider it's part of my NOBHTF series (Not Outstanding But Hard To Find ...) and listen to the samples in comments.
Recorded (mono) from the hall balcony with a Sony TC 150 and a not outstanding microphone.

Note for people who downloaded my 76-78 FM live blues compilation 2 weeks ago ( : i mentioned that one of the A King tunes featured (Stormy monday) was recorded during this 1978 16 nov show, but the version included here is not the same; so, i think the FM A King's songs came from Chateauvallon 1978.

1st set
01 Intro
02 Instrumental (by the band)
03 Instrumental (with Albert King)
04 I wonder why you're so mean to me
05 Tuning
06 Baby please come back to me ?
07 Matchbox blues
10 Instrumental set outro

2d set
11 On Broadway (by the band)
12 Albert King intro
13 Instrumental (with Albert King)
15 The sky is crying
16 Cadillac assembly line (in progress after tape flip)
17 Stormy monday
18 Instrumental outro
19 Crowd
20 Instrumental encore

Hope i'm not wrong with the pitch: i made the waves running 2% faster because that's the way i use to do when they come from the TC 150 (on other tapes recorded with this little deck, songs i know are in tune with this setting; with A King, it's difficult because keys are changing through the years and recordings).
Thanks to JimmyP9 for helping.

Cassettes played on Marantz SD4061 deck to ZOOM H4, wav to PC, audacity editions, FLAC
Samples in comments.