Hey Blues fans. Here is another nice show of Albert King this time. This was the first time that I saw him perform. It was at a famous but small jazz club in Washington, D.C. called the Blues Alley. This is the first set and was transferred direct from tape to CDR. I really don't have the personnel info. He does announce the musicians but I never got a chance to jot it down when I transferred this a while ago, sorry. I went back and saw another show on the 23rd and have both sets and will post it if there is interest.


Sony WM-D3 Recording Walkman with a Sony Stereo Mic ECM-929LT with Maxell hi quality tape >Philips 765CDR>FLAC

Albert King
Blues Alley, D.C. 11-21-81 First Set.
1. Every Day I Have The Blues 3:47
2. Itís My Own Fault Baby 4:31
3. Instrumental 3:03
4. Please Come back To Me 9:14
5. Band Intro/Iím A Travelling Man 9:37
6. As The Years Go Passing By 9:06
7. Hideaway 4:19
8. Move To The Outskirts of Town 11:55
9. Kansas City 4:27
10. The Very Thought of You 5:28
11. Closing Set Instrumental 3:29