Heere's an AK show that I haven't seen circulate, so here goes. It's a nearly complete performance from soundboard source. The sound quality is a bit muddy but very enjoyable. The show is plagued with a bad mix as you can hear them make adjustments after each song. Finally, near the end, Albert apologizes to the crowd and says they will get out of the way for the next band. Hmmm, still trying to figure out who would be headlining over Albert at Deperado's in 1981. Sample included.

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD version)

Albert King
1981 (exact date unknown)
Washington DC

01.[06:32] Introduction > Instrumental (with band introductions)
02.[06:04] Green Onions
03.[03:47] Albert intro > Them Changes Jam
04.[08:17] You're So Mean To Me
05.[08:02] As the Years Go Passing By
06.[05:08] Firing Line
07.[10:10] Sweet Little Angel
08.[07:37] tune-up > Kansas City
09.[14:38] Stormy Monday
10.[02:20] Oh Pretty Woman (false start)
11.[06:14] Oh Pretty Woman
12.[09:42] Born Under a Bad Sign

Total 1:28:38

Lineage: SBD > ? > cassette trade circa 1997

Transfer: Sony TC-WE475 > Microtrack II (96/24) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !