Albert King
Chicago, IL
Biddy Mulligans

A "Chicagoblues" Master Recording "From The Vault" (Ftv-8)
Previously Uncirculated
Seeded On Dime On 2011-11-11

Record: Aiwa Cm-30>Sony Tcd-5M>Tdk-Sa90 No Dolby
Playback: Nakamichi Zx-7(Azimuth Aligned)>R-09Hr>Sdhc Cl10 24-96>16-44.1 (Adobe Aud)> Splits (Cdwav)>Tlh>Flac8>Dime
Aligned On Sb

Adobe Audition 3.0 Was Used For:
1) There Was A Tapeflip At The End Of Track 10. Only A Couple Of Seconds Were Missed, One Note Or Two,
Most Was Applause.I Made An Extemely Smallfade Out The End Of Track 10 And The Begining Of Track 11.
When Listening It Is Almost Seemless.
2) Fade In Track 1 Fade Out Track 14
3) Raised The Left Channel By 3 Db
No Eq Was Used On The Files
4) Covert From 24/96 To 16/44.1

Please Do Not Remaster This Or Make Any Changes To The File Set In Any Way Without My Permission
Please Do Not Seed This On Any Other Tracker Without My Permission

Around This Time I Lived 5 Minutes From Biddy Mulligans Which Was Located On The Very Far Northside Of Chicago. I Spent A Lot Of Time There Seeing And Taping Shows. The Owners Were From India And Their Son Ran The Place. He Was A Complete Idiot, A Total Schmuck, And Didnt Know Shit About Music. He Booked Bands By Their Famous Names. Bringing In Big Blues Acts Was Easy, We Are In Chicago. He Also Booked Smaller Or Solo Acts Like Dr John, Dickie Betts, Eric Burdon And More. He Did A Real Good Job Bringing In Good Talent Not Knowing What He Was Doing. The Bar Was Much Wider Than It Was Long. I Always Hung The D5 And The Mics On The Back Wall Coat Racks. The Back Wall Was Maybe 15 Or 20 Feet From The Stage With The Bar In Between. I (And My Gear) Were Always Dfc Along The Wall.

All The Blues Greats Played Here Monthly, Willie Dixon, Albert Collins, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Buddy Guy & Jr Wells, Otis Clay, I Could Go On. Albert King Was Always A Treat To See Here. Biddys Was Like Nightstage, My Faters Place And Other Great Blues Bars. More

So As Always.. Kick Back And Enjoy Some Real Blues From Albert King..!


01) Tuning :42
02) Chicken Shack 4:33
03) Alberts Intro> ? 3:09
04) Tuning>Albert Talks 1:00
05 ?? 4:30
06) The Sky Is Crying 8:47
07) ?? 10:14
08) ?? 5:41
09) ?? 8:00
10) ?? 6:18
11) ?? 5:03
12) ?? 9:45
13) ?? 6:13
14) ?? 4:44

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R09_0001 16 44101.Flac:1Fc3C2F3474D5A6384Da66955E6Ad12A
R09_0001 16 44102.Flac:3A0B59Ec52Ff8A072B1D33Ee78E47E0E
R09_0001 16 44103.Flac:0Da3E279Dcb176Cd5B3D7C4Adbda0247
R09_0001 16 44104.Flac:850Ee034B2570E97C2525Ccb5F6Ac743
R09_0001 16 44105.Flac:1E50D90870668Cb78020D8A625A703Cc
R09_0001 16 44106.Flac:1C5918Db7Ddee411380C7Cc588861Dfc
R09_0001 16 44107.Flac:696F4014F7545690496C4887Dd977739
R09_0001 16 44108.Flac:65F19C487C390E6Da2855Ad5E7D6C63F
R09_0001 16 44109.Flac:Bf34E3E7F5Ff8B0191F4F1A5732Be711
R09_0001 16 44110.Flac:Df7223596Ff70Fca258Ef6D939698Aae